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A faith-based company passionate about honey bees. We offer raw honey sourced from small organic citrus farms in Florida and the Great Smoky Mountains of TN. Learn, support, and savor the sweetness!

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Honey-Bee Overload

Honey-Bee Overload is a Program that Teaches and Educates how important honey bees are to our Eco-System. From being found in Tombs with Mummies thousands of years ago, to helping heal animals and humans that have been hurt and injured. They help with pollinating Fruits and Vegetables, to helping you with your allergies and so many other things.


We want to help prevent honey bees from going extinct.

We believe that once someone is able to make contact with a Hive it will forever change how they view these amazing insects


Sevierville, Tennessee


(214) 735-8714

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