8oz Comb Honey


Each square of this Fl Brazilian Pepper Cut Comb provides a beautiful example of the true art of bees at work.


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Brazilian Pepper Honey honey has a nice golden color and the flavor is mild with a slight “kick” to it, however it is not spicy as some may think because of the name. Brazilian pepper honey is often used in barbecue sauce, marinades, and other savory dishes. It can also be used as a natural sweetener in coffee and tea.

So……What do you do with the Comb, the options are endless.

  • Try a small piece on a cheeseboard for an upscale platter that will please anyone.
  • Cut a small section and chew on it to satisfy your sweet tooth!
  • Spread a spoonful on warm toast.
  • Cut Comb is a seasonal item, our hives only produce a certain amount per year! Get a square while you can!

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8oz Comb Honey

Comb Honey (#497)


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